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cannon beach hotels - this cannon beach hotel located on the oregon coast provides luxurious oceanfront accommodations - select the ocean point inn as your cannon beach lodging or part of your next oregon coast vacation.   

cannon beach hotels - this cannon beach hotel located on the oregon coast provides luxurious oceanfront accommodations - select the ocean point inn as your cannon beach lodging or part of your next oregon coast vacation.   

Cannon Beach Winter -

A winter visit to the Pacific coast can offer a wide variety of experiences ranging from a quiet getaway to a natural retreat featuring whales, eagles or the awe inspiring crashing waves of a winter storm.  It's also the most available and affordable season of the year for accommodations.  Weather is typically mild, but many visitors prefer it when it's wild.  Storm tossed seas, the sound of the wind rushing through the trees and the driving rains are experiences not to be missed.  Winter storms also offer some of the best beachcombing of the year.  Storms are frequently interspersed with calm spring-like weather perfect for beachcombing or exploring the natural wonders of winter.  Gray whales can be seen as they migrate just offshore between late December and early January.  At the peak of the migration, dozens of whales might be seen over the course of an hour.  Herds of elk are frequently seen grazing in coastal meadows.  Winter is also prime season for bird watchers to see bald eagles, peregrine falcons and an amazing variety of seabirds, shorebirds and forest-dwelling birds.

Cannon Beach Spring -

There are whales and wildflowers and the annual arrival of puffins.  There are kites in the air and freshly exposed tidepools to explore.  April and May are busy seasons for birds and bird watchers.  Large numbers of shorebirds migrate north along the coast.  Colorful puffins and penguin-like common murres come to nest on offshore rocks.  Watch as more than 20,000 gray whales make their annual 12,000 - mile journey along the Pacific coast.  The peak of whale activity is typically mid-March to mid-April.  Hikers can enjoy wildflowers in the rainforests, costal meadows, bluffs and beaches.  Some, like the western trillium, begin blooming in the rainforest as early as March, but most of the wildflowers are long gone before the summer crowds arrive.  The season brings lower tides that offer a glimpse of the mysterious watery world in th tidepools.  See multi-colored sea stars, clusters of anemones, darting sculpin and if you look closely, you might encounter a Pacific octopus, a sea cucumber or one of many varieties of sea slugs known as nudibranchs.  The Great Oregon Beach Cleanup takes place every spring when on day in March is set aside for volunteers to clean up debris off the beaches and waterways.  Other spring events include high-flying fun at the annual Earth Wind and Sea Celebration Festival in April and Cannon Beach art galleries present their Spring Unveiling event in May.  Spring is a popular time of year for surfers and kayakers.

Cannon Beach Summer -

Summer is the warmest, driest and busiest season in Cannon Beach.  Oregon Coast lodging facilities are in high demand and sell out months in advance.  Cannon Beach summers offers the lowest tides of the year, making exploring the intertidal zone a special opportunity.  This is also the busiest time of year for water sports, biking, kite flying and other outdoor activities.  Early each summer, Cannon Beach hosts one of the oldest and largest sandcastle contests on the west coast.  For more than 40 years, this annual contest has been the year's most anticpated event. On the Fourth of July, the community takes to the streetswith a colorful Independence Day parade.  In  addition to local fireworks during this holiday, the Haystack Rock Awareness Program presents the Great Cannon Beach Puffin Watch, a seabird-watching event on the beach.  During Puffin Watch, bird spotting scopes are set up to allow visitors to observe nesting tufted puffins on Haystack Rock, a dense colony of tens of thousands of common murres at Chapmann Point and many other birds including cormorants, black oystercatchers, pigeon guillemots, western gulls, brown pelicans, bald eagles and Caspian terns.  The Haystack Rock Awareness Program offers an interpretive program on the beach at haystack Rock to give visitors a look at this amazing environment.

Cannon Beach Fall -

Fall weather can be beautiful and dramatic.  Days can be cool and clear, shrouded with fog, or gray and stormy.  Blustery fall days are great for kite flying or peakpeakpeak.  A clear crisp day is perfect for a ong walk on the beach or a hike through the rainforest.  Surfing and kayaking are also popular fall activities.  Fall bird migrations make anticipatedstreets withis among the most popular seasons for birdwatchers.  Beginning as early as August, you might encounter large flocks of shorebirdsmigrating south.  You're almost sure to see bald eagles, peregrine falcons or a variety of other birds that come to the coast for its mild tempertures.  Herds of Roosevelt elk can also be seen in the rainforest or grazing in coastal meadows.  The Great Oregon Beach Cleanup takes place each fall when one day in September is set aside for volunteers to clean up debris off the beaches and waterways.  In October, the annual Dog Show at the beach is presented and the comunity's artistic roots are clebrated each November at the Stormy Weather Arts Festival sponsored by the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce


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